3D measuring and quality assurance

Quality control – an indispensible factor.

We are an SQS-certified, family-operated Swiss company.

Glamec AG is heavily involved in the areas of vehicle, machine and plant technology, as well as in other areas where the highest in accuracy and precision are required.

Glamec AG is an SQS-certified, family-operated Swiss company where each individual employee is encouraged to take responsibility and monitor quality. Measuring and checking both have a permanent and correspondingly high priority in our company. Trust is good, but controls are better. That is why Glamec AG has its own QA department to ensure intermediate and final inspections.


Measuring and testing facilities

Large selection of high-precision measuring instruments.

Each of our two 3D measuring machines has a separate air-conditioned measuring room, in which the required measurements are performed either manually or automatically. Here, quality assurance employees have an extensive selection of high-precision measuring instruments at their disposal. The measuring and testing instruments are calibrated and documented at defined intervals by an external lab, making use of a specifically determined measuring instrument analysis. This way we ensure optimum traceability for the measuring instruments, and thus also the measuring results.

Should geometric dimensioning and tolerancing need to be precisely analysed and documented, 3D coordinate measuring machines are put to use. Our measuring and testing facilities and the specialised employees in the quality assurance department are superbly trained and equipped for measuring tasks of the highest standard.


NameDEA Global 15.33.14DEA Global 9.15.8
Measuring range X1500 mm900 mm
Measuring range Y3300 mm1500 mm
Measuring range Z1255 mm800 mm
Measuring accuracy2.5µ+L/400 mm1.4µ+L/400 mm
Maximum movement speed300 mm/sek300 mm/sek
Maximum stylus length500 mm500 mm
Maximum stylus weight500 g100 g
Maximum workpiece weight5000 kg1500 kg
Machine weight11250 kg3000 kg
Ideal room temperature20°C ± 0.5°C20°C ± 0.5°C

Zero-error mentality.

Quality control is a strategy that ensures the functionality of the component.

The zero-error mentality is the foundation, and the dual-control principle is the guarantee for quality production. Quality control provides the proof.

Glamec AG guarantees you results with the highest level of precision, while still maintaining efficient production. For this we make use of high-precision 3D measuring machines from DEA (Hexagon). This allows us to perform measurements even on very large parts, according to your needs.

Thanks to the extremely robust probe head from Leitz on the DEA Global 15.33.14, we can also reach bores and surfaces that are very deep, and analyse them correspondingly. On the DEA Global 9.15.8 we have a high-precision swivelling head with which we can also take the measurements of all inclined elements.

After taking measurements exhaustive documentation is compiled. Here we are happy to take your specific needs into account and offer you enhanced analyses, such as a scan of the elements.

Have any questions about our quality assurance or measuring methods?

We will be happy to inform you in detail.


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